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Janika Tenn [DJ Chart]

28 Sep 2018

Janika Tenn from Estonia began her DJ career at the young age of 15. From going to drum and bass raves on a weekly basis she knew this industry was right for her. Gradually beginning to organise parties herself, it seemed only the next logical step to start playing as well. By 17 she had a regular spot at a local venue in Estonia, from there there was no turning back as she began to hit the major clubs and festivals. Obviously talented Janika has played at all the best festivals in Estonia, including Sun Dance music festival and Airport Jam. She has also played alongside some of the greats from the drum and bass scene: Noisia, Teebee, Grooverider, John B, DJ Fresh, DJ Hype and the list goes on.
Itching for a change, Janika arrived in England not long ago and the scene in London changed her take on music. From going and meeting new faces she was introduced to to the house and electro scene and it was all change. Immediately she found her niche and hasn’t looked back since producing some high quality dance music

DJ Chart sept 2018

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