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HDJ-CUE1 Headphones [Tech]

27 Aug 2020

Pioneer DJ dives back into the headphone game with the release of their latest rendition of their HDJ headphone series: the HDJ-CUE1. Released this week, the design aims to bring durability and multi-purpose usage (on the decks, in the studio, and for casual listening). The real kicker is that they’re under £100, have colour customisation kits, and are available in two models: wired and wireless Bluetooth.

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Comfort & feel: After testing the CUE1 for a few days, we found that the fit was snug and comfortable, without being too tight (because there’s nothing worse than a pair of headache-inducing headphones). It’s not as head-clamping as other headphones in this price bracket.

Customization: Switching the color pads takes a bit of time to remove and replace, but the ability to customize with your own color choice is worth the time it takes.

Bluetooth connection: In many cases, wireless headphones fail when they don’t behave how you expect them too. We found the CUE1s to be reliable, clear, and simple to switch devices. There’s a built in microphone, and everything sounds acceptable over Bluetooth. The volume and pause/play/advance buttons are just icing on the case.

Isolation: One of the biggest demands of any set of DJ cans comes in loud environments (like DJ booths). Great DJ headphones have a lot of passive isolation – meaning they block out external sounds. The CUE1s do a great job, even compared to higher-end models. I was able to blast the Booth Out while mixing and the headphones did a solid job of blocking it all out to be able to hear the cued track.

Sound: Look, every model of DJ headphones will have different sound characteristics – that’s why you should always try to test a pair before you buy any set. These CUE1s have 40mm drivers in them and sound solid – we noticed an emphasis on the low end here, which is often what sells DJs on headphones. The mids and highs were a bit less prominent comparatively, but still more than decent for the price point.

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