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Mixing In Key [Tutorial]

07 Jun 2021

Something all DJs should explore!

Like many topics in dance music, harmonic mixing, or mixing in key, as it’s also called, can spark passionate debate. People enjoy discussing its value, its necessity, and even its definition. All of the DJs we spoke to are, naturally, advocates for harmonic mixing, but they also appear to hold it lightly, knowing that ultimately the technique is a question of personal choice. Let’s pull back for a second, though, and clarify what we actually mean by harmonic mixing, while exploring some of the key questions it tends to throw up.  Read more from Pioneer


Do you want your mixes to sound better? One of the easiest ways of creating smooth mixes that blend almost seamlessly is to mix in key. There is a bit of music theory to understand to take full advantage of mixing in key, but luckily for us, recent updates to DJ software and hardware is making it easier than ever. Let’s get stuck in! Read more from WeAreCrossFader

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