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Are you a DJ?

Doing The Damage is a promotional service for DJ's ONLY.

House Music Record Pool For DJs

Doing The Damage filters out all the junk, delivering dance floor bullets for DJs playing House & Dance Music. Our network of professional DJs select tracks that are Doing The Damage for them on the dance floor.

Quickly discover the best tracks, including exclusives, all in one place. No longer will you have to sift through 1000’s of tracks from multiple sources, Doing The Damage saves you time and keeps your sets fresh.

Membership to the DJ pool is strictly by invitation or application only.


Traktor Vs Serato [DJ Poll]


Sean Davies [Track Pack]


Mark McCabe [Track Pack]


ANTWON&NTM [Track Pack]


DJ Linus [Track]


James Hype [Track Pack]


Mark Blair [Track Pack]


Return of the Jaded [T…


Evokings [Track Pack]


Halloween Music [Track Pack]


Janika Tenn [DJ Chart]


Riccardo Falconelli [T…


VLTRA [EP Release]


Josh Hunter [DJ Chart]


Push3r [DJ Chart]


Finlay CDJ [DJ Chart &…


Tom Hall [Track Pack]


Mark Johnstone [Track Pack]


Ben Rainey [DJ Chart]


Novado [DJ Chart]


Mike Reevey Pier Jam B…


eSQUIRE [DJ Chart]


David Puentez [DJ Chart]


PBH & Jack Shizzl…


Akadian [DJ Chart]


Scott Forshaw [DJ Chart]


What is Doing The Damage?

It’s the only place to find the best tracks without wasting time listening to the rest. We’re an exclusive music promotion platform ran by professional DJs, for DJs. All the tracks featured are selected by pro DJs and directly reflect what they are currently playing. Every track featured on the site is tried and tested by our community of DJs. It’s all killer, no filler. We focus exclusively on House & dance music remixes, edits and mashups. We deliver exclusive mixes from our team of DJs & producers, ensuring our member’s sets are better than the rest.

Who is Doing The Damage for?

Anyone who plays House & dance music… Open format or House music only, YOU need to be a member of Doing The Damage. If you need to find the best tracks without wasting hours looking, YOU need to be a member of Doing The Damage. If you need to know which tracks are Doing The Damage on the dance floor right now… You NEED to join!

Who can join this DJ pool?

Doing The Damage is for DJs only. Membership is strictly by invitation or application.

Why join this pool?

Doing The Damage is your one stop shop for dance floor bullets, we only feature tracks that are smashing up dance floors for the pros. Stop wasting your time checking multiple websites, blogs, YouTube channels & Facebook pages… Stop liking, sharing, commenting and following… Stop wasting your time listening to terrible tracks you don’t need! Our extensive network of pro DJs and producers provide super exclusive, set defining remixes, edits and mashups for our members. Making Doing The Damage the only site you’ll need to check before your next DJ set.

Doing The Damage has a Music Licence from PRS, Licence Ref. LE-0017882.


A quality record pool! Some belters on there! It's like Beatport, but for everything that's not on Beatport! I've tried other DJ pools, but this is by far the best one!

— Akadian [Gatecrasher / Area Sheffield]

The Doing The Damage website saves me so much time… Instead of having to go through lots of different sites and blogs, I can just check Doing The Damage before my DJ sets to grab some absolute FIRE!

— James Herkes [Bar-So Bournemouth]

It's easy to navigate and I love so many of the tracks in this DJ pool. It's great to have something so focused on House music!

— Scott Forshaw [Zero Gravity Dubai]

Impressed! It's such a great platform, I'm sick of listening to so much rubbish! Found a few gems already… What a time saver!

— PBH [BCM Mallorca]

So dope!

— James Hype

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